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In order to facilitate Gram Swaraj, establish Gramsabhas (village assemblies), women’s forum, Youth forum and such other people’s organizations,  thus preparing a mass base for their own welfare.


To improve the quality and ways of life by revitalizing the village economy, and to wash out the exploitative and oppressive structures in the society  by enhancing people’s power and capability in self-management.


To improve the quality of life in the villages and made the village economy self reliant.

 The specific objectives to be achieve through planned activities are the following :


Promote community organization and facilitate decision making and collective action by the people.


Develop community trust fund (Gram Kosh) and related instruments as a step towards self reliance.


Improve income through agriculture, live stock, Rural Industries, Forestry and related income generating projects.


Provide education facilities both formal and non formal and adults specially the women.


Provide a better healthy environment through community health programme and sanitation for build up proper health care facilities.


Promotion of culture and social values through the medium of arts, sports, literacy and such other programmes.


Conservation and restoration of the eco-system by recycling of natural resources like solar energy, wind power, bio - gas etc.


And through all these programmes make the local government more responsive to the needs and aspiration of the village people.

ASSEFA works with the poor living in remote areas who are economically and socially backward in Indian structure in uplifting their own standard of living.The belt is inhabited mostly by the scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes people.



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