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1. Registered Office :
Registered office of the Trust shall, for the present, be at 73- Green House, Sarvanand Nagar, Bahubali colony-327001, Dist- Banswara, Rajasthan. Reg. No. - 29981 & Dated 16-03-2006.

2. Head Office :
Regional Office, Western Region ASSEFA, Old Civil Line, Baran-325205, Rajasthan.

3. Area of Operations of the Trust :
The area of operation of the Trust shall extend to the whole of Aravali region across the states.

4. Principal Object :
The principal object of the trust is to promote education for holistic development of children and contribute to alleviate and whenever possible to put an end to children's suffering.

5. Operational Objective :
In order to fulfill the above principal object, the trust shall have the following operational objectives:

. To establish educational institutions at primary, secondary, higher secondary and collegiate levels and also technical, cultural, formal or informal.
. To maintain and manage these institutions directly or cause to be maintained or manages by name other bodies - either corporate, formal or informal.
. To Contribute to teach children the principal of peace and active non-violence.
. To conduct programs to develop and to evaluate the skills, attitude and practice of children and youth in the fields of arts, sports, culture, science and spirituality.
. To hold, buy, acquire, or possess in any manner its properties - movables or immovable -for itself and on behalf of its constituent institutions.
. To sell, dispose, alienate, mortgage, hypothecate, exchange, alter, improve or in any manner these properties.
. To receive loans, grants, subsidies, donating, contributions etc. in kind or can from any person Including individuals, government, quasi funds, or  the schedules banks or other funding agencies for the attainment of the object of the Trust on such terms and conditions as may be accepted by  the Trust.
. To provide technical and expertise services to the constituent units and to maintain or engage technical and expert personal therefore.
. To carry out research and development studies in furtherance of the object of the Trust.
. To disseminate among the constituent units the knowledge of the new ideas for the promotion of their completence in the education and management fields.
. To convene meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions for achieving the objectives and  improving the activities of the units.
. To extend financial and other assistance to the units.
. To promote new entities and organizations to hive off activities, projects and units of the Trust in to separate entities to run and scale up the pilot initiatives, in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, for activities that are identified with the objectives of the Trust.
. To engage in all such other a lawful acts, deeds or things either.
. Alienatation of immovable property shall be done only with prior approval of the Director of Income Tax (Exemptions) Udaipur/ Commissioner of Income Tax.

Presently all infrastructures like school building, training centre and community fund transfer by the Executive Director ASSEFA as a settler transfer to ASSET. Presently schools & Balwadies are running in Banswara.

School Building remot area
Child Resource Center
Meeting with Italian Students along with
Regional Director
Annual Function School

Child Resource Centre expresses its gratitude to :
. Mr. Vijay Mahajan for donating twelve priceless Video Cassettes and a book of poems.
. Naide Planet contributed Rs.500 in cash towards the library at the Child Resource Centre .
. Mr. Kashinath Bhoosnurmath for contributing Rs.200 towards cultural activities at the Child Resource Centre.
. Mr. Parthiv Shah for donating a CD "Knowledgeware India".
. Mr. Raman Patidar for contribution his precious time towards strengthening the cultural activities at the Child Resource Centre.
. Mr. Ila Patel (Associate Professor - IRMA ) for a help in developing indicators of success of the Child Resource Centre.
. The Community for contributing towards the museum.
. The children for contributing towards the Kargil Kosh and making the Child Resource Centre successful.
. The Aide et Action for their constant support & ideas.


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