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Case Study of Village Chander Garh :
Chandergarh a small village occupied solely by the scheduled caste families is situated on a highland of panchayat samiti Kishanganj planned by Parvati river and an anonymous stream . it is 5 km deep from metaled road connected by a kaccha Rasta which too become waste in rainy season geographically it is in the SE platen of Vindyachal range of hills soil is reddish , unfertile & less production rainfall is about 70-80 cm temperature varies greatly. Day and night temperate difference is more than 20'. 170 people of S.C. families are residing in this village all are primarily farmers by profession. 345 AC are agricultural land out of which 286 AC land is Bhoodan land & rest 59 AC is of settlement.

ASSEFA made its entrance in this village at this point the following is the report based on survey which reflect the change in the village.

1). Agriculture :
There is a strong and positive change both qualitatively and quantitatively in pattern of agriculture in this area irrigated land areas is increased by ASSEFA focused on improvement of irrigation facilities high yielding varieties of seeds ,use of fertilizers , modern agriculture techniques and implementation.

Crop Pattern in Chandigarh
   Particulars    Before ASSEFA Intervention    After
   1.  Kharif    Jawar    Soyabeen
   2.  Rabi    Wheat, Jawar (Millets)    Wheat, Mustard

The farmers here at Chandergarh were supported by new methods & package of agricultural information , training, demonstration and implements. Gram sabha of this village was provided with a vinovar machine for use of all beneficiaries.

2). Live Stock :
This is supplement resources in income after agriculture therefore ASSEFA made available to them improved and good Breed race of Cattle.

Reforest National Programme :-
There were some problems which removed by ASSEFA. After it the project inspired the farmers to raise new forest. By the inspiration they have raised 10 Bighas of land covered by newly developed forest.

Housing and Family income :- Living standard and economic conditions were poor as reflected by their housing there were Kaccha “Hay Huts” and Kavelu huts. Now it is seems that economic condition is improved, so housing are in better position, family income is increased by 500%.

Improvement in Annual Income
   Particulars    Before ASSEFA Intervention    After
   Annual Average income    3600/-    50000/- Avg.

Education :-
Education is the key of overall development of human as individual & society as whole. ASSEFA focused its attention on education of both children & adults. ASSEFA started Bal Badi in Chandergarh and one adult education centre till 1997. Now Govt. has opened the school. By these efforts literacy is increased.

Health :
ASSEFA is aware of this old saying “Health is Wealth” along with economic development. Health & related facility was improved. Devotion is given to immunization. Awareness towards small facilities to safe pregnancy & ‘Child birth. The Health awareness camps were organized.

These camps were attended by the villagers. By the awareness in feeling of importance villages is 100% immunized.

ASSEFA feels grateful to local & District administration for providing necessary facilities in immunization, Health Camps and O. R.S. Supplies.

Towards better health
   Particulars    Before    After
   1.  Health Services    
   (A) Traditional    All    Less   
   (B) Modern    Nil    One A.N.M.
   2. Family planning Programme    Nil    60 Families
   3. Immunization    Nil    100%

Social Evils :-
ASSEFA often organized social awareness camps and for alcohol prohibition. The results are found fruitful. The villagers are saying that these efforts are good. Social quarrels are minimized. Child marriage stopped. Health facilities and rate of literacy are increased. With this report, we feel that these achievements still incomplete & will strive for more horizons to touch. Still it give satisfaction that living conditions are letter than the year 1986. We are proud that in this village with economic uplift the violence, likenesses, drug abuse and social disharmy was over come to some extent by the path shown by Gandhiji and Vinobaji. This achievement and success are the big source of inspiration to all of us working with ASSEFA Baran Project.

Case Study (Individual) :

Ratan Lal Patel Kunda Mahendra Singh (F.O.)
Ratan Lal Saharia resident of Kunda was heavy drunkard. It was his habit to abuse and quarrel with other persons of villages. He often beat his wife in drinking position.

There was 42 Bighas irrigated and 5 Bighas un-irrigated land, but he did not cultivate himself and gave an half partnership to others. he always sold his crops on half rate to the person when he has borrowed money. His economic position was not satisfactory.

Although he had 47 Bighas on land yet his wife had to go on labor to other’s field for earning to meet out the expenses of household. Kunda village was taken under ASSEFA’s Programme on 1985. Once a tour was organized by ASSEFA to Madurai. While on tour at Rameshwaram he took an oath not to take alcohol in future. This oath totally changed his life. After it a pump set of 5 H.P. for irrigation purpose and loan for reclamation of lands and crops were given to him. He properly used these loans. Now he has 47 Bighas irrigated and 5 Bighas unirrigated lands.

Now his status in village, caste and his house seems better. He and his family consider ASSEFA as God and it is his idea that ASSEFA was only organization which has uplifted his financial and social status.

Now the situation has changed. All villagers often seek advice of Ratan Lal and he also Settles struggles of Villagers.

He also persuaded others not to take alcohol at the time Sitabari Sharab (Alcohol) Chhodo Abhiyan and After he is a member of Gram Panchayat, President of Gram Sabha and Saharia Samaj uplift Committee. There are 12 Villages in this Samaj.

He has own good house having 6 Rooms. There are 3 sons and 2 daughters in his family. All 3 sons have taken education up to middle standard. Ratan Lal always persuades the unliterate persons to go at literacy centers for education. He is against Child marriage and always tries to stop this bad evil.

Now he has 4 Pairs of Bullocks, 2 Carts, 20 Cows, 12 Goats, 50 Hens. His income is about 50000/- per annum. He is in the position to give grains and money to other on land. He and his wife, children think that ASSEFA is only boon to their family. His wife tells that this status is only due to financial assistance and guidance given by ASSEFA.

Case Study (Individual) :

Om Prakash Lodha s/o Hukam Chand Village Hirapur B.L.Nagar (F.S.)
Position of the family before intervention of the village in ASSEFA Project (1986).

Mr. Om Prakash family was joint family. 40 Bighas un irrigated land was owned by his family. This was not sufficient for the expenditure of his family. He had to take loan from money lender in the kind of money and seed. Annual income of the family was about Rs. 20000 to 30000. Most of amount was spent on interest of loan. There were 12 to 15 members in the family. The earning members were only Six.

The family was suffering from hardship. The position after intervention of the village in ASSEFA Project.

Position in 1998 :
Our family is now also living in joint family. Where 40 members are there & earning members are 26. But now position has changed due to the help and resource given by ASSEFA. There are 60 Bighas irrigated lands . We are using modern technology and implements for farming. There are tractor , trolley , thresure, Winnower, Pump set (Electric), Flour Mill, Electric motor, Motor Cycle etc. These implements are due to resource given by ASSEFA. The annual income of the family is 100000 to 150000. Now we have sufficient income for running our family. Not only our family but other families of this village are living comfortable and running their families easily . All this are ASSEFA’s contribution. ASSEFA is boon to our families.

Case Study (Individual) :

Hazari Lal Saharia Village Nayagaon S.N.Sharma (F.S.)
The family of Hazari Lal was in joint family before intervention of the village in ASSEFA project. There was 40 Bighas unirrigated land in possession of his family. The total work of agriculture was in the responsible of Hazari Lal. But the agriculture land was divided between his brothers . Only 2 . 5 Bighas irrigated and 6 Bighas Unirrigated land was given to Hazari Lal in partnership. Now the problem that could not pull his families expenditure easily. He had to take loan. There were 9 members in his family. He thought to go to reside Kelwara as their he could get land on lease -hire

when the field supervisor of Nayagaon unit heard that Hajari Lal was leaving Nayagaon he at once went to him and asked about his problems and advised him not to leave village.

Hajari Lal told that he had not fully resource to work hear and his family was suffering from hardship.

ASSEFA gave him electric motor and pipe line for irrigation purpose. Hazari took 10 Bighas agriculture land on hire . this agriculture land gave him good profit in 1990, he purchased 16 Bighas irrigated land he returned all his loan within 2-3 years .after it he purchased 12 Bighas agriculture land in Kelwara installed a bore there.

His daughter is studying in Govt. College Baran. One is study at Bhanwargarh in 10th class.

He also got one engine and pipe line on grant from Saharia project Shahbad. His partnership in poultry farm also going good income.

Hajari Lal and his family is obliged to field supervisor of ASSEFA and the project from where he got resource and guide which help him for upliftment.


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