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Members of Shri Ganesh CIG


Shri Ganesh CIG Bhanwargarh :

It is situated 45 km away from Baran. Most of the people are poor, Their occupation is mainly agriculture and labor. There are some rich men and the members of CIG were doing the work of labor.

The BPL Families formed a group named Ganesh the group chose the RCC shuttering activity .they deposited Rs.13320 for their contribution ,the DPIP transferred Rs 133200, Now they are given on heir sand Cement mixture and thus earning and savings Rs 2000-4000. In this amount they are increasing the articles for the group.

Now the group members realized that this scheme is fruitful and helpful for their economic upliftment.

Laxmi Common Interest Group Parania :

Parania village is situated 45km away from Baran on Guna road. In beginning they should not show the interest, when  the activities of DPIP spread they took interest and formed a CIG, This CIG is of Women, They choose the bakery activity, they deposited contribution partially in cash rest in labor. The construction of shade is going on completed. The CIG members are working labor in construction bakery room.

Now the group have completed their construction work and waiting for second installment from DPM side. After few days, they are getting their money and purchase their assets for starting their work.

Bakery Construction work

Tube Well  


Shri Guru Common Interest Group Nehrupura :

Nehrupura is situated 8km away from Nahargarh. The main problem of the village was drinking water ,this problem  found at the time of village entry. The gram panchayat have already constructed a water storage tank. But no facility of water was there at that time so it was useless.

Now some people formed a CIG and selected the drinking water activity, they deposited their contribution share, 90% amount was given by the DPIP. Now the Tube well have installed and connected with the tank. in this way the drinking water problem solved, In drought period. This scheme was very useful for men and animals. The hole village appreciated this scheme. And now the condition is that all BPL families want to join the DPIP programme for their upliftment.

Sangam Common Inerest Group Devri (Shahbad) :
Devri is away 12 km from Shahabad it is a main market for around 10-12 villages , when the some people of Devri heard the scheme of DPIP. They formed CIG and selected welding work as their activity.

The CIG members were already acquainted welding work, these members were the workers in welding company, Now they have started welding work and are pleased that all members of the group are owner not worker, now they are earning better and it changed the life of the members of sangam CIG.

The group is very active and now they have earned approximately 30-60 thousand rupees through their work and also motivated to the other DPIP groups.

Welding Works
Petty Shop

Gram Vikas Committee Maheshpur Shahabad (Baran) :

Maheshpur is very small villages 15 km away from Devri. There is no proper road to reach Maheshpur to Devri, the inhabitants of village are agriculturist, when the message of DPIP reach Maheshpur at the time of village entry some enthusiastic person  selected the work of tent house, they full fill all formalities and have purchased tent house material , now they have earned 50,000 in eight months and increasing the tent house articles from their savings and through this DPIP work, they feel to change that they have their life and status in the community.

The total Amt. of the project is 2,50,000 and they have deposited their 25,000 rupees as a contribution before starting the work.

Tent House Activity Running by the
Group Mambers

Bounded Labour Rehabilitation activities Band-Baza Provided for self Sustainability


Krishna Common Interest Group Shahbad :

Shahbad is known a backward place in Baran District. Most of the people are engaged in agriculture and labor.  Some BPL families wanted to join DPIP schemes they know that in this scheme, activities can be selected according to their wish. So they formed a group and selected Band Baza Activity.

As they were already working in Band Baza Company as labor. So they deposited their contribution and after receive DPIP amount, purchased Band Baza articles. Now they are owner of Band Baza not labor and earned Rs. 8000 within one month. This activity will uplift their economic life.

Tejaji Common Interest Group Jhiri, Nahargarh :

Jhiri is away 8 K.M.s from Nahargarh. It is situated on the border of M.P. & Rajasthan. It is a small village and labor is main occupation. When the theme of DPIP known to the villagers, some people formed CIG named Tejaji Common Interest Group. They choose the activity of Goatry. 20 Percent contribution amount was deposited by Group & DPIP released 80 percent amount.

The purchasing work is finished and all goats have been insured. The Group have received insured amount of 4 goats. Now the quantity of goats has raised. This activity has changed their economic life.

Now the number of Goats is being increased day by day and they are getting approximately 20-40 thousand rupees.

The DPIP ASSEFA Vatenery Doctor
Tagging the Goats

Sweet Shop 


Shankar Common Interest Group Nahargarh :

The CIG was formed through DPIP named Shankar at Nahargarh. The members of CIG were the worker in  sweet maker shop. So they selected the Halwai activity. 10 percent contribution they deposited and 90 percent amount was released from DPIP. The group purchased all the Halwai work articles and started work. Now they are pleased as owner of the shop not worker. The group is earning good amount in Marriage Ceremony, Fairs, Exhibition etc.

This changed their economic life and their social status in the community. Before getting the benefit from DPIP they were worker at a sweet shop but now the condition is entirely different due to DPIP assistance.

Bhagat Singh (Tube Well Irrigation) Rampur Todiya, Kishanganj :

Rampur Todiya is backward village and they faced the problem of drinking water in summer. Some BPL  families have formed CIG and selected the activity of Irrigation Tube Well. All the members deposited contribution amount partially in cash and rest in labor. After released amount from DPIP, one room was constructed in which members worked as labor. After it, tube well was installed.

This tube well helped the group members in irrigation purpose and to whole village for drinking water. Last year, through this tube well, they had good crop and earned.

Bakery Construction work

The Flour Mill Sandokada


Patelia Common Interest Group Sandokada :

Sandokada is away 30 K.M. from Shahbad. No proper route is to be Sandokada. One river is in mid of village.  The connection is cut off in rainy season from Shahbad. The small inhabitants are outside village. The DPIP plan was reached in village at the time of entry programme. So the poor people formed a CIG and selected the activity of Flour Mill as there was no flour mill in village.

They are facing more problems for this. Now the members and whole village are pleased due to solve their problems. The CIG members are earning sufficient amount and pulling their families well.

Now the group feels that this activity has changed their life and social status in the village.


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