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The Sarva Seva Farm Guna Project was commenced during the year 1984 in the problematic area of district Guna, Fatehgarh, M.P. Its Primary Objectives were to develop the Bhoodanee farmers & the land around Fatehgarh area in Bamori Block. Initially the programs were limited to work in this area under PCMR approach.

The reason of starting ASSEFA’s entrance in Fatehgarh area was availability of Bhoodan land, in ample quantity , not to develop of Bhoodan land, the status of Bhoodan farmers, non- availability of loan from Bank on Bhoodanee land by M.P. Govt., encroachment on Bhoodan land by prosperous powerful men.

During the Bhoodan movement the surplus lands were received and distributed to landless peasants , Bhoodan beneficiaries could not get benefit due to un reclaimed, unirrigated & unproductive lands and resources less. Resultantly , the president of Bhoodan Board invited ASSEFA’ s Executive Director to commence the different programme for the weaker section people. Thus our Executive Director sent Mr. Vijay Mahajen who visited to different 15 villages with 2 youth male trained worker deputed with him.

The survey work was completed & ASSEFA ‘s activities were felt & started as a experiment for the welfare of down trodden classes of the area. when Mr. Vijay Mahajan visited to 15 villages, the problems faced by the Bhoodanee farmers, small farmers & tribal people who were oppressed by the local land lords & influential people by encroaching on their land keeping them as bonded laborer on a large scale & harassment of the down trodden community by the local Govt. staff as well as influential people was a real challenge. It was therefore right place where the assistance of a voluntary agency was required to help the poor people & to make them aware of their mental, social & economical status.

In the beginning , one incident took place in the project . There were poor people who were compelled to confess unwillingly the orders of exploiters in the area. Those tribal were exploited by land lords by encroaching their Bhoodan land making them as bonded laborer & illegal physical relation with their females . While on survey work It was noticed in village Rangapura which is situated at a distance of 8 K.M from Fatehgarh that 10 families of sardar had good hold on 40 Saharia families by accusing them as bonded laborer. Mr. Jagir Singh who had good hold in the area, was famous for his dictatorship in the area. ASSEFA staff acknowledged the situation the District collected , Guna. The collector sent S.D.M for enquiry the matter. The S .D.M came & favored the Sarpanch . Sarpanch showed anger & quoted few evil words to ASSEFA staff S.D.M also directed to police station In charge, Fatehgarh and Forest officer , Fatehgarh to have a slight glance on ASSEFA ‘s workers.

Seeing the situation , Mr. Mahajan was acknowledged the full situation. Mr. Mahajan , acknowledged the full situation to C.M Bhopal & The collector , Guna about ASSEFA’s description. The efforts were fruitful The collector Guna suspended the S.D.M & The Police Station In charge , Fatehgarh & Forest officer Fatehgarh.

It was turning point & ASSEFA created a strong environment & spread their root firmly in the working area. Initially, organizational work was taken up by Mr. Vijay Mahajan along with a community worker who was elevated later to the status of project in charge. This project in charge was strengthened with the staff of six other community worker later on. The community centers were located at the following places.

   01).    Fatehgarh
   02).    Bavdikheda
   03).    Digdoli
   04).    Bhagwanpura
   05).    Chhatarpura.
   06).    Semra
   07).    Mamla.

The workers & the Project In charge started their activity in fourteen villages with initial break through by organizing gram Sabhas, Balwadies, Youth club & Mahila Mandal etc. in the following villages.

   01).    Bhaupura
   02).    Bhagwanpura
   03).    Rangpura
   04).    Chhatarpura.
   05).    Rangpura
   06).    Mahuakheda
   07).    Mamla
   08).    Jageshri
   09).    Digdoli
   10).    Semra
   11).    Pakhar
   12).    Rampuria
   13).    Anapura
   14).    Bawdikheda
Mr. Vijay Mahajan Founder ASSEFA Guna Project

The project constitutes by 70 villages . The whole project is divided in 5 clusters supervised by field supervisors. In each cluster  there are 10 to 15 villages. There are Gram Sabhas in each village. The family head is member of that Gram sabha. The Gram Sabhas have a meeting once a month and special meeting is also conducted when ever it’s necessary.

The Gram Sabha takes proposal of such person who wants amount for the asset. Amounts and terms condition of recovery are also shown in the proposal. 2/3 signature are necessary for passing the proposal. The field supervisors scrutinize the proposal and it’s submitted to the project office. The project office gives cheque of the proposed amount to the Gram Sabha. The Gram Sabha gives it either to the person whose amount is sanctioned or to the firm as the case may be. It is the duty of Gram Sabha to recover the amount and give utilization certificate. It is also signed by 2/3 members of Gram Sabha . The project gives grant to the gram sabha. The grant for the village purpose is not recoverable all social development activities as such Community Dev., Health , Education and environment dev. Etc. The amount given to needy person is recoverable in installments and that recovery is deposited in revolving fund. This revolving fund is transferred to the S.J.S.K. and Sarva Jana Seva Kosh deposits that money in the village account.

The project team of 5 field supervisors is headed by an experienced project director. There are two program associates for women development programme assisted by three women supervisor , Animators. The Gram Sabhas play an active role in planning the activities and enthusiastically participants in implementation of programmes. The day to day work is carried out by project staff, accountant , typist etc. The list of operation villages unit wise are shown in Annexure -1
ASSEFA aims to promote peoples involvement and participants in all development activities and to develop their capability of the managing the village economy and social system to the satisfaction of all.

ASSEFA has been following this process progressively with firm conviction. Starting with the formation of the people’s organizations (Gram Sabha) and build up of the community action. ASSEFA transferred to the people the programmes including supervision of field staff in many projects.

To fulfill the aspiration of the villagers strengthening the organization and motivate towards the goal of community development programme is essential. Having a school or other community building is as much necessary for a village as having a piece of land for villagers. Villagers provide whatever material locally available and labor for construction. ASSEFA Project provides other materials. As mass awareness programme Padyatra , Rallies , Cultural Programme , Sports competitions , village library , youth Meet, Seminar have also been organized.

To give financial assistance to the project villagers and for sustainability S.J.S.K. has established at Fatehgarh – GUNA Project.
ASSEFA GUNA PROJECT is integrated Rural Development Project.

The different programmes carry out by this project are following :
   02).    LIVE STOCK
   04).    FORESTRY & ENERGY
   06).    HEALTH
In the above fields 1 to 8 programmes are carried out by GUNA Project. The following narration of this report intends to display the performance of different programmes of the project.
Agriculture is the most important work in rural area. The farmers were not aware of modern farming. Moreover, lack of irrigational facilities was in the area. The ASSEFA project has been providing better modern agricultural technology to the farmers, and also irrigation & Marketing facilities. The result is output seen much better. These are different types of progarmmes under Agriculture
   01).    Land Reclamation
   02).    Check Dams.
   03).    Water Ways / (Open Channels)
   04).    New wells / Tubewells.
   05).    Deepening of old wells.
   06).    Pump Sets/ Motors
   07).    Pipe Lines
   08).    Lift Irrigation Project
   09).    Agro services Revolving Fund
   10).    Tractor / Farm Implements
   11).    Carts/ Bullock.
   12).    Storage
   13).    Marketing Support
   14).    Demonstration farms.
Most of the agricultural lands were not fertile and there was not proper leveling of that field. These factors have effected in lower production. So the project took the work of land reclamation , then irrigation facilities were provided as lift irrigation, Tubewells , Digging new wells and deepening old wells were the means of irrigation. On which ASSEFA Project gave them financial assistance and training. The certified seeds and fertilizers were given for better agriculture production.

ASSEFA Project also tried to help them in Agro-services and modern agriculture implements and techniques.


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