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The work of ASSEFA was started for the development of the Bhoodan families. Sarvodaya is the guiding philosophy of ASSEFA as expounded by Gandhi ji with the welfare of all. All persons are equal in the social order. Sharing the produce of their labour, the strong protecting the weak and functioning as their trustees.

ASSEFA is the second phase of Bhoodan, Gramdan movement. The gramdan movement was one of the greatest social political movements running under the leadership of Acharya Vinoba Bhave in 1952.

Executive Director ASSEFA
SMBT members giving honour to
Executive Director
Meeting of Women SHG

In 1968-69 Tamilnadu sarvodaya Mandal established an organization named ASSEFA with the collaboration of Tamilnadu Bhoodan Board and Movimento Suiluppo E Pace (M.S.P.) to uplift the social, economic aspects of Bhoodan Gramdan families for throughout development.

It was in 1969 that first Sarva Seva Farm was established at Sevalur (Ramnad District) in Tamilnadu State as an experiment for the benefit of 35 Bhoodan alloties owing and managing 70 ac. farm. The efforts of Mr. S.Loganathan brought success and generated enthusiasm among the people and the team of workers.

ASSEFA proposed to The United Nations to observe The decade 2001 to 2010 as The United Nations through A resolution has accepted ASSEFA's proposal and the Decade will be observed as The Decade for Culture Of Peace.


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