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A SHG Meeting with Mr. Bal Vijay (PCMR)


Sarvodaya Leaders Pad Yatra in Guna District :

The 30 constructive Sarvodaya Leaders was held a Pad Yatra under the leadership of Shri S. Lognathan in 1984. This Pad Yatra  approached 40 tribal villages of Guna district for Convey Concept of Planning cum Micro Realization (PCMR). The motive of this Pad Yatra was to utilize what are the local resources in the villages.

All Sarvodaya leaders conveyed their message about the idea of Gram Swaraj. It was a initial stage to ideas of self reliance and sustainability and also the position and achievement of Gram Swaraj. Their message were about the awareness against the exploitation, social injustice, bed evils and impressed about literacy men and women and also aware them to follow the path shown by Gandhi Ji and Vinoba Ji.Self wakening through

Self wakening through exposure tour :
ASSEFA Baran Project organized two time exposure tour in developed institution U.P., M.P. Rajasthan and Tamilnadu. In exposure the women learn their present development and how they will achieve this kind of advance development. We want build up self awaking as a movement throughout development. Under this programme, 40 women and 70 men were benefited and they learnt come in the area and they achieved development in literacy, insurance, family planning, village development, management and skill development. Exposure is very much useful for self awaking.

Gram Swaraj Maitri Pad Yatra :
Sarvodaya leaders Sant Balvijay Maitri Pad Yatra was held from 18 Nov 2004 to 20 January 2005 in Baran, Banswara Districts (Raj.) and Guna (M.P.) organized by Western region and all senior workers contributed their services for successful of this Pad Yatra. A motive of Pad Yatra was to give message for utilizing the local resources available there for self reliance and self sustainability. The thought of Pad Yatra was not to depend on outside support but use the local resources available there. He also aware them about evils and leave this bed habits and impressed to save money. His motive was to aware the villagers for participation in all village activities. He showed the importance of the utility of compost pit and cow urine. He further expressed his ideas that women youth should give cooperation in all development work. This Pad Yatra gave good impact to 210 villages and it was a movement.

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Pad Yatra Organized By ASSEFA


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