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It is essential, for any organization, to channel all its efforts, not only to achieve its goals but also to  sustain and consolidate its achievements.

This manual is designed to lay down the do‘s and don‘ts for the Sarvodaya Mutual Benefit Trusts (SMBTs), across the country, so that the services rendered and the entire operations will be uniform. This is the second version of the manual and as time passes by, more versions might be brought in, to follow the trends and changes that would be necessary or in practice. The manual is intended to be exhaustive. Members of the Board of Trustees may point out omissions and commissions, if any, so that required rectifications can be made according to merit.

This manual is the exclusive property of Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited (SNFL) and the Sarvodaya Mutual Benefit Trusts. Taking photocopies, for circulating the manual to outsiders, is strictly prohibited. Non- compliance will attract strict disciplinary action not only on the concerned individual, but also on the SMBT concerned, to whom this manual will be made available. It should be ensured that the Manual is followed strictly in all aspects, without fail.

In the recent years, the concept of Micro/Finance has generated considerable hope and expectations and academicians.

Micro-Finance in simple terms, can be described as small loans and related financial services, to  poorer households for facilitating their development. The loans go mainly to rural landless disadvantaged women, who are largely on wage labor for their existence. Thus, focus on women, who constitute about 90% of the total participants in the micro/finance programmes, are an important characteristic of Micro/Finance. Consequently, empowerment of women and livelihood generation has also become a major dimension of Micro/Finance.

Executive Director discussing with CMD - SNFL
Regional Director discussing about SMBT with CMD

Association for Sarva Seva Farms ( ASSEFA) is a non/governmental voluntary organization (NGO) actively  engaged in development interventions at the grass roots level. It has a reputation for possessing a distinct character of upholding Gandhian principles - more specifically the philosophy of Sarvodaya ( Welfare of all ) - in its community- based projects and programmes. ASSEFA was established in 1969 to work with the farmers, associated with the Bhoodan movement (inspired by Acharya Vinoba Bhave, Gandhiji‘s spiritual heir, the landlords and the richer classes, voluntarily gifted land to the landless ). It believes in the concept of empowering the rural communities, with whom it works, to enable them become self-reliant and capable to take charge of their own development over a period.

SARVODAYA NANO FINANCE LIMITED (SNFL) is a Non-Banking Financial company (NBFC) registered under the Companies Act, 1956 with limited liability. The Registrar of Companies issued the Certificate of Incorporation to the company on 1st July,1996 (vide Certificate No. 55-80021).

The Authorized share capital of company is Rs. 16.00 crore, divided into 16000000 shares of Rs. 10 each and the subscribed and paid up capital is Rs. 919.34 lac as of December 2004.

The Company is also registered with the Reserve Bank of India to conduct Non Banking Financial Business. The Reserve Bank of India issued the certificate of registration on August 19, 1999 (vide registration No. 14-01503).

The outlined policies are effective August 2004 and are valid until further notice.


The vision of Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited is to transform itself into a truly community owned  Micro/Finance Institution that will instantly symbolize a fair, client - friendly accessible, transparent sustainable and pragmatic institution.

The mission of Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited is to facilitate easy and timely access to credit and other financial services for the rural population especially poor women and rural artisans through a network of Mutual Benefit Trusts located in their vicinity.
The main object of the company is to provide financial assistance to the rural poor through Sarvodaya Mutual Benefit Trusts and other forms of organizations, which are interested in the overall development of rural poor using the Micro- Finance approach.

To carry on the business of financing development activities in the rural areas for the purposes of
   -   Agricultural Development
   -   Industrial Development
   -   Market linkages Development
   -   Habitat Development

The members of the Company are mainly the Sarvodaya Mutual Benefit Trusts  formed by the Self-Help Groups in rural areas. These members are share holders of the Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited. Thus, the company is owned by trusts created by the people‘s own contribution, thereby initiating the first step towards the rural empowerment.

The Sarvodaya Mutual Benefit Trusts are Trusts formed by the Self-Help Groups in each area. The capitals for these trusts come from the savings and other surplus generated from the operations of SMBT . The object of these Mutual Benefit Trusts is to prompt and make possible, savings and credit activities among the poor women functioning together in the form of Self Help Groups to help improve the economical and social conditions especially those of poor rural women.

At a Glance SNFL (Western Region Baran as an 31/12/2008)

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